What is European youth capital 2017?

Varna 9000, 27 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd. / Mladezhki dom/ hall 17, e-mail: info@varna2017.bg

In 2017 Varna was selected for European Youth Capital and was the first Bulgarian city to win this prize. All events pass under the Varna Innowave logo - for the social innovations that are in focus this year. In itself, this prize does not bring financial gain to the city, but it shows that somebody appreciates what is happening in the youth community and the immense efforts of non-governmental organizations to change both the environment of life and the mentality of young people.

In congratulating this so important for the youth work of Varna, the members of the EMF clearly show that, according to their observations, the process of cooperation between urban organizations has begun.

The prize is awarded to a European city for a period of one year. This is an initiative of the European Youth Forum launched in 2009. So far, the European Capitals of Youth were: Rotterdam, the Netherlands (2009), Turin, Italy (2010), Antwerp, Belgium (2011), Braga, Portugal (2012), Maribor, Slovenia (2013), Thessaloniki, Greece (2014), Cluj-Napoca, Romania (2015) and Gandja, Azerbaijan (2016).

The main objective of the Varna - European Youth Capital initiative is to make the city a center of attraction for business and young people. This process does not end much by the end of 2017, and it can be said that it begins at that time. The team of Varna, the European Youth Capital, hopes that the initiative will provoke many young people, even those who at one point have chosen for their own home another city or state to return.

The idea is to enable young people to improve the city environment by developing their own projects in different spheres: entrepreneurship, urban environment, culture, new technologies and their applications, etc. https://varna2017.bg/en/keydirections