Robert Bosch Fellowship at EDAM’s Cyber Policy Program

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS Robert Bosch Fellowship at EDAM’s Cyber Policy Program

As Turkey’s leading security and public policy think tank, EDAM is launching a research program focusing on cyber issues. The research program will seek to contribute to the global debate through the Turkish perspective and experience on cyber security issues. Boasting a young and vibrant population of almost 80 million, along with a rapid increase in internet access and smartphone use, Turkey is one of the most important case studies related to how developing democracies handle topics such as internet freedom, online citizenship, cyber security, and data confidentiality. To that end, EDAM seeks to fill in a significant gap in both the mainstream debate on cyber-governance and cyber-security and in understanding how these debates affect Turkey’s citizenship and governance perspectives. In doing so, EDAM is launching a cyber policy research program that is set to transform EDAM into a center of excellence and competence on cyber-related policy issues. With the support of the German Robert Bosch Stiftung, EDAM is also launching the Robert Bosch Cyber Policy Fellowship as a complement to EDAM’s Cyber Policy Program.
The Fellowship program will seek to enhance knowledge and practical research skills of young public policy fellows to increase the expertise on this topic in Turkey and to improve EDAM’s institutional know-how for ensuring more effective contributions to emerging debates on cyber-related issues.
Program The Fellowship will cover a one-year affiliation with EDAM. As part of the Fellowship, the expert will be based in University of Oxford, UK for 6 months working at the Oxford Internet Institute (OII). The first term of the fellowship program will primarily focus on surveillance, intelligence and related subjects. The rest of the Fellowship will be at EDAM where fellows will be asked to write two opinion pieces that address a current policy problem related to surveillance and intelligence, as well as personal data policy and privacy. Additionally, they will also write one longer, in-depth EDAM policy report that tackles advanced strategies on cyber-issues, related to the specialization of the fellow. The aim is to develop a good understanding of the most recent and advanced debates in how state-society relations interact in the cyber space, as well as in terms of data transfers, collection and storage, with significant impact on the ethics and practice of surveillance, intelligence and privacy. All fellows are expected and encouraged to take actively part in future EDAM cyber projects and events, as well as acting as leading Turkey-based cyber experts for the international scholarly community. All returning fellows will be offered a temporary paid research term at EDAM.
Who can apply?
Candidates for the Robert Bosch Cyber Policy Fellowship will be chosen among young and promising academics that have demonstrated excellence in their respective fields and want to enrich this specialization within the international relations, security, intelligence and global politics context of cyber debates. Ideal candidates have recently earned their Ph.D. or are in the earlier phases of their careers with a proven interest in international relations, NATO policies and/or security/intelligence studies with an interest in how these policy areas are affected by and in turn, affect, cyber politics, data policy and the Internet. Mid-level career candidates will also be considered.
All candidates should have excellent English skills.
The deadline for fellowship applications is November 30, 2016.
Please send your completed application forms by email to the Program Coordinator, Ms. Nazife AL:

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